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What are the dire consequences for not being in control? None, except that your efforts may please you personally, but they will not hang in a gallery or museum. Great works of art are not done by accident. They are created by disciplined minds, driven, passionate, fanatical, sometimes the insane.
Grand Ma Moses was a great artist. So was Georgia O'Keef. She is one of my favorite painters, with a sense of perspective that is photographic. A very intense worker who hated to be disturbed when painting. Does such dedication not require discipline?
Ever read Van Gogh's biography? Very interesting reading. So is AA's. Most great artists have one thing in common, they work hard as if their life depended on it. When they set out to produce a work in what ever their chosen medium, they slaved until it is exactly the way they wanted it to be.
Try doing that while in a trance.
Then you must take great issue with the statement, "Thirty percent of the world's great photographs are nothing more than fortunate accidents." Care to speculate who was the author?

Van Gogh sold *one* painting in his entire life - to his brother, Theo. It was said that his brother bought it to keep Vincent from starvation.

Intersting that you place both Grandma Moses and Georgia O'Keefe together as "masters" of perspective. Georgia O'Keefe may have been - I would not debate it - but Grandma Moses? "American Primitive"? I really think her LACK of perspective was a vital element in her art.

Be careful with labelling me as a "Trance-ist". I did not claim to be that - My selection was "Holist".

I must be some sort of wild exception, then. Without self-flagellation, I HAVE hung in Galleries,.. etc.