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Thanks Ian, I'm not sure if anyone in my area even shoots 35mm film... I live in a small village but I'll try my best to find out if anyone does use MF! Regarding TLRs, would it be worth buying one cheap just to try it out?

Thanks, James
If you are looking to get into a larger negative camera that you can grow with then not all TLR's fit. If I were on a budget and didn't have all the camera's I already have I'd try to pickup a used Mamiya C33. The C330F professional is a little better, but certainly not "real cheap". I'd also try to get it with a 80mm f2.8 all black lens, but even the old chrome 80mm's were very good lenses. These camera's are a little on the heavy side, but not bad at all really. You can also do very good macro work (flowers etc.) with them. Not as easy as an SLR for macro work, but certainly good enough. I no longer have my Mamiya C33, C330, or C220, but it's not because they are inferior camera's. I have two Rollei's, two Yashica-mat's, Hasselblad's and a very large Pentax 67 outfit so no need for the Mamiya's. Like I said, tight budget C33 w/ 80mm! Later you might want a prism, 135mm, 55mm, para-mender....................? I think you get the drift of where you can go with the Mamiya TLR camera's. That said, like Ian pointed out, you can do very nice work with a cheap Yashicamat too. I still get a thrill looking at a well exposed 2 1/4 or larger negative 'cause my old eyes have a harder time looking into a 35mm one. JohnW