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EDIT: After some more searching I have found a Bronica ETRSi, in almost new condition with 75mm lens, what are your thoughts on this?
How much?

ETRSI complete kits can be had for less than $300. I would consider a complete kit a camera body, 75mm PE lens, manual speed grip, 120 back, and a prism finder. You can possibly get a metered prism finder in a kit for about $300. If all you are getting is a 120 back, body, and waist level finder I would be aggressive on the price. A waist level finder is a pain in the rear on a rectangular format camera. The speed grip does speed things up.

If you get your ETRSI for a good price it will be relatively easy to sell it if you decide to upgrade to some Zeiss glass. I own one but mostly use a far more expensive Rollei 6008i for the square format, superior lenses, and electronic cable release (zero vibration). I have to say though the images from my ETRS kit are nice. Rollei TLRs can be very sharp but they are very different when compared to 35mm SLRs. They are not everyone's cup of tea.