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No a sonnar f1.5 is not the rarest I can find them under$100 sometimes but that one is a disaster. Repair people I've used several over the years 2 of which have very expensive reputations I don't want to condem any repair people in this forum. Who would be your suggest? So if I buy the latest greatest version of a leica M mount I should have no worries 50 years from now if I make it the long?
Why should anything go wrong with it? It's up to you, how you take care of it.

I have a ca. 1958-9 Linhof outfit, three lenses, camera, etc. etc., the lenses are perfect as far as the condition of the glass is concerned - not Ebay "perfect", but perfect. No marks, no haze, nothing, as new like they left the factory over 50 years ago. My late 60s Nikon 35mm gear has no issues with the glass. In fact, even my 100+ year old pre WWI lenses for 8x10 have no real issues... one or two slight cleaning marks, but no fungus.

1950s Rolleiflex, no issues... 1943 binoculars, 1898 binoculars, 1930s Rollei, ditto... well, you get the point I think. I'll also add that most of this gear has been in my care for the past 25 years or so.

I sometimes wonder where all these lenses with fungus come from... I've seen them, but never had one of any vintage.