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He's told me there is a lot of risk and expense involved posible breakage I never heard of anyone else. He's worked on a leica summarit 50mm 1.5 and IIIf body before for me in the past. The expense did not warrent the recoat on the summarit.
The Summarit isn't such a great lens wide open, I'd rather have an f:1.5 Sonnar.

As for coated vs. uncoated, if you are collecting the cameras, then they should have the appropriate lens. A coated Sonnar does not belong on a Contax I and so on.
If you are using the lenses, coating becomes more important. A Sonnar, with all it's internal sufaces, benefits from coating - the more internal surfaces, the greater the benefit. Most modern lenses would not be useable without antireflective coatings.