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Interesting so how do people build houses in other metric based countries, or have they simply stopped building houses...

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In Canada we build them starting with the foundation, then the subfloor, walls and a roof.

2X4s are still the same size and not 2 by 4 and a sheet of plywood is 4 ft by 8ft. And we did not move our roads around in the grid patern so they are still one mile apart not a kilometer.

I was an adult when the conversion took place and found it confusing for several months but when you use it regularly it makes much more sense. At one time though I knew what a good outdoor temperature was in Celcius but indoor temp in F as we did not change thermostats and in fact my home still is in degrees F.

If I can put a 150mm lens on a 4X5 camera I can work with both systems.

Several years ago I found Jason's 1:49 info and have been using it ever since. Thanks. It would also be useful if people submitted their times for other emulsions at 1:49 as well.