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I was to understand modern coatings are very soft and can be wipped off is this true?
Modern coating are tougher than the glass they are applied to. What with this, and the idea that coated lenses present a problem, it's as if you read a book about photography backwards.

Either buy the appropriate lens for the camera, coated or uncoated, or buy the lens you want.

Poor storage is what causes problems for any lens, and a bad case of fungus will etch glass whether or not it is coated. Fungus spores are in the air all around you, you have them in your camera right now, it just takes a dark damp atmosphere for them to flourish. So don't keep lenses in leather cases that can absorb moisture, make sure they get enough UV light by using them regularly (or keeping them out on a shelf), and don't worry. The problems of fungus and haze have been highlighted recently simply by people dragging in their granddads old camera in from the garage and selling it on Ebay, so it all seems like a disproportionate problem.