A bazillion thanks to Ron (PE) for putting up with my endless questions, supplying answers and suggested reading, and providing much "hand-holding" along the way.
Double-dittos to that!

The good news about emulsion making is that even with basic tools and materials there isn't that much reason not to try if you are interested. Sure, you don't get perfection and absolute reproducibility might not be possible but you CAN make something that will work, experience the process and get an appreciation for what people like Ron and Fred and others have done for all of us over the years. As Ron gets closer to the goals he is pursuing we all benefit.

And you can get the pride and satisfaction of "I made it myself." As long as you are careful and observe common sense precautions, even if you do totally mess up a batch, you're out some time and money but probably not more than that. Denise's web site, The Light Farm, is great in the encouragement it provides to go out and try and she provides a lot of great information. I don't think anyone pretends that they can use what they find there to go out and start making salable products. Growing T-Grains in your basement is another matter entirely.

John: I definitely get the "chains of bondage" thing.

-- Jason