As you know I owned a few Alt 2300, great machines.
Difficult to fix when they decide to give up the ghost.I do not recommend trying to buy used as you never know when the motar, pump, liftarm is ready to go.

The CPP3 is a very nice unit, good programming capabilities, needs a bit of a work to phase in our operation, as the manual and explanation is kind of goofy.
But I think a very solid addition , we are using all our old tanks and as well purchased a larger tank so I can do five 120 at a time. We have purchased
new reels and extra lids and Expert Drums for 4x5.

I refuse to double roll the reels with the red sticker, too many problems.
This machine needs to be overseen but it really looks like a workhorse.
Omar at Cat Labs is a pleasure to work- with and honorable to boot so I highly recommend this machine, I was ready to have Richard Idle design and build
a unit but the CPP3 is pretty much what we figured out.
There is an issue with European parts that I will solve in future by buying extras of everything that is complicated.


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Interesting to hear your views on the CPP3. I'm just reading up re the motor on the back of my ATL-2300 as after turning it on this afternoon after about 18 months switched off the motor is running hot but not pumping water into the upper trough.