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When your cool, new-age, high-tech business model says you must fire Pulitzer Prize award winning staff photographers and replace them with random teenagers with IPhone video cameras who just happened to be walking by, I think it tells you all you need to know about the intellectual and technological Walmart-ization of not just the newspaper industry, but of your very culture itself.

Totally agree, Ken.

It's a business decision that they're passing off as money-related, but that really comes down to the decrease in need for quality.

What I've been noticing in reading news stories is that it's not just the photography. No matter the source, news stories have so many grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, they look like they're being written by the same random teenagers who'd rather be texting. Stories are written so quickly and published within seconds - no one edits them and no one fact checks. Yet the masses take it all as gospel.