Michael, I'm on my 3rd balance, and I use a Kern School Balance EMB 200-2. It does up to 200g and its resolution is 0.01g, which is what you have asked for. I bought it for about €100. It is pretty good, realistically letting me have a precision of 0.1 with ease, and 0.04g with care. This one, like many in the under $400 range is of the design type known as "strain gauge". They either suffer from some "drift", which means that the reading slowly changes (in my case reading goes up about 0.01g every 10-20s), or they do not allow you to add small amounts, letting only larger added load to cause a displayed value to change. Of course, that second behaviour would be worse than the first for our needs, so I live with the slow drift, trying to be quick. The analytical design that uses electromagnets is more precise but much more expensive.

I got mine from http://www.labunlimited.com/Online-S...-EMB200-2.html