Geez, as a user of the pseudo scientific method of incident and pretty much non-authoritarian, I have to include myself amongst those who have NEVER heard anyone using a domed/Inverconed meter for reflected readings. Wonder what the Weston manual says about that?
Check out reply #11 it's totally correct

Anyway, Incident metering either at the subject or IN THE SAME LIGHT as the subject gives the same exposure. To meter the far side of the Grand Canyon, Hold the meter with the dome facing the lens, no need to fly across it.

Reflected CAN be influenced by the reflectivity of your subject. IE:a dark subject will overexpose because the meter sees(interprets)
the reading as a middle gray and want you to open the lens or use a slower shutter speed.
Conversely a bright/light subject will under expose because the meter wants you to use a faster speed or smaller aperture.

Obviously try either method and look at your results, then make your choice.
Rather than starting out using several methods of metering, use the two simplest around, incident and reflected.