Interestingly enough, with respect to the Nikon F2AS cameras, all of the bodies I've owned have been around $250 or less. They're not perfect looking cameras, having brassing, and a couple had some dings, but they all worked well. Still have two black F2AS bodies. One that I paid $225 for in September 2011, and one that I paid $165 for last month.

FM2T looks cool, but, it doesn't have any more functionality over a regular FM2n that goes for 1/4 the price. Unless you're looking for a collector's item, stick with a regular FM2n. With respect to the FM3a, nice camera, but a collector's item even when well-used, it's still one. An FE2, while requiring batteries for full functionality, is pretty much the same camera. The good thing is that, unless the camera has a short-circuit, the batteries will last 1-3 years. I usually replace my camera batteries once a year, whether the camera needs it or not.