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From medscape...

Guy's I know this is a photography forum where people are loathe to read, evaluate sources, and look at objective data but c'mon now. I realize this is a world where people will savage you if you suggest a Lubitel 166 is not as sharp as a Hassy 80mm Planar but really you can't carry that mentality over to the medical world. Leave the fantasies for photography debates.

The only source of information you should be consulting is a specialist dermatologist on referral from your GP.
Self-serve information has been shown to cause people anxiety and drive them poorly informed spurious conclusions, all because they are thinking the knowledge they trawl for and gain from the internet is better than a 20 minute consultation with a Doctor. It's not. This is a major problem being seen by Doctors the world over, "self-serve", including those who delve into PubMed, Medscale and university research journals. I note that the author of the article in Cheeseslave says "I am not a Doctor".... yet speculates wildly in all directions and seeks discourse. That discourse is speculative, conjectural, indirect and in a lot of places, heresay, towing the line of of populist opinion rather than proven science.