I guess there is no bad camera. I use Contax cameras. The main reasons were very bright viewfinders (I wear glasses. That's why I didn't go for nikon!), shortest lag time button-film exposure, excellent lenses (they are not so expensive as always assumed). I use my equipment since over 20 years with no problems at all. The RTS III is very heavy, but has the unique feature of perfectly flat film, because the film is sucked onto a ceramic plate. You may consider the Contax RX, which is cheaper and lighter and can do everything one needs. Lenses: 50 or 85 mm and 1.4 plus 35 mm 2.8 or even shorter. The 135 mm 2.8 is also a very, very excellent option. Lighter and cheaper than the 85 mm. The G2 is a much lighter rangefinder camera with autofocus option. I found the viewfinder to be too small for me, but it always shows the full-frame of the lens mounted. Lenses are excellent too. I finally got a Zeiss Ikon ZM instead. I wish you a lot of fun with your choice, Peter