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One thing nobody's mentioned yet, it may not make any difference to you or anyone else for that matter, but over the years I've developed a real dislike for cameras that rely on batteries. They're expensive, require constant attention, and die at the most inconvienent times. When they die, unless you have a spare, you're screwed. If they only power a built in light meter, that's not so much a problem because most of us can do just fine without one. If, however, the camera need one to function, that's another matter. That's why while I think something like an RZ-67 is a dandy camera, given the choice I'd take the RB-67 every time.

A 4SR44 lasts for several hundred rolls and the <$10 spare will take literally 2cc of space in your bag. The camera gives you maybe 50 rolls of warning before it malfunctions. To avoid that, frankly-zero, level of inconvenience, you end up with unreliable mechanical shutters that need servicing to keep good time, not to mention coupled metering.

Batteries are not any form of drawback. Hell of a lot easier to deal with than keeping your beast fed with film.