sun of sand,

Sure I've thought of switching to my WD2D+ instead of using my normal DD-X when I've used more exposure than planned, yep even tried it, especially when I was really green at printing. I was still looking for that elusive magic bullet. That never really fixed my problem.

With a bit more experience I realized that chasing magic bullets to fix self inflicted injuries, is simply misguided.

The materials available to us have reliable characteristics: given inputs, provide given outputs almost without fail. The negative materials I use (like HP5) have lots of latitude, they are very forgiving; as HP5's use at mass-market scale in single use cameras demonstrates.

The real wildcards in my system (like for most people) are me, my understanding, and my craftsmanship; not my tools.

In my experience, the big problem with jumping to "reset the film speed" or to "try a whole different curve" by switching to a different developer is that it messes with the whole film curve, not just the problem we want to fix.

The first question that should be asked is "is there any benefit to changing my development?" With experience and practice under our belts we can actually answer that question.

The OP actually provided all the info I needed to answer that question for myself in his first post. He actually had all the info he needed to decide for himself too, he did the math and the math said "you are fine in the normal process." The only piece of the puzzle that was apparently missing was that the OP had not tried this before.