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There's a whole galaxy of wonderful cameras out there, and the great thing about that is somewhere the perfect one is waiting for you. The bad news is, deciding which one can be a challenge. I've been fortunate enough to have picked some real winners, but I've also worked with some that didn't quite meet my expectations (few). One thing nobody's mentioned yet, it may not make any difference to you or anyone else for that matter, but over the years I've developed a real dislike for cameras that rely on batteries. They're expensive, require constant attention, and die at the most inconvienent times. When they die, unless you have a spare, you're screwed. If they only power a built in light meter, that's not so much a problem because most of us can do just fine without one. If, however, the camera need one to function, that's another matter. That's why while I think something like an RZ-67 is a dandy camera, given the choice I'd take the RB-67 every time. No battery with the RB. In fact, I did choose the RB over the RZ for exactly that reason. It's also why that, my Rolleiflex, and my 4X5 field camera are the only ones I use anymore. Totally mechanical camera's, to me anyway, also have more of a Zen appeal and make me feel like I have more control over the picture taking process. Just a thought for whatever it's worth. Cheers.
The battery is there to drive the electronics, another potential source of failure. I like the mechanical only "zen" also.