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what i was trying to get at with this is that, yes, some are predisposed (genetically) to be more sensitive, physically to our environment. It might be that those who work in direct (somewhat) contact to chemicals, are more likely to show a sign of it.

Also note that the most probable cause of 'bromide toxicity' is probably BROMATED FLOUR, and not darkroom chemicals... just thought i would ask though < a known carcinogen for mice (as far as the study went), banned in several countries, yet still used, although not as widespread... almost as bad as fluoride in water...

What's weird is that if you look it up, it says that CA are not a known sign of internal malignancy, yet we know that everything has a cause. The body reacting with CA, i'm sure is not because it's extremely healthy, but instead a warning sign, like most bodily reactions.
You haven't posted anything to back any of this up. Discussing things in this manner without any peer reviewed published articles from reputable journals is worse than useless.

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The only source of information you should be consulting is a specialist dermatologist on referral from your GP.
GP's are trained to diagnose and treat all manner of common skin lesions. How many board certified dermatologists do you think are out there?

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Self-serve information has been shown to cause people anxiety and drive them poorly informed spurious conclusions, all because they are thinking the knowledge they trawl for and gain from the internet is better than a 20 minute consultation with a Doctor.
Who ever said it is "better" than seeing a doctor? I live in the United States and we simply cannot afford to spend 20 minutes with a physician every time we come across something silly on the internet. I've been to a dermatologist and the guy did not talk to me for 20 minutes. The guy was a friend of my fathers. What 20/30 something year old guy is having 20 minute conversations with a physician?! They don't get paid enough to do that.

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This is a major problem being seen by Doctors the world over, "self-serve", including those who delve into PubMed, Medscale and university research journals.
99.9% of people don't know what Pubmed is and couldn't identify a "university research journal." Pubmed would be a giant leap up from the "I read this in People Magazine" BS you usually hear. In fact what professionals use are peer reviewed research journals not "university research journals." My point stands. People need to learn to evaluate sources. In two seconds I was able to show from a decent source that what was being posted was garbage. I did not post a dissertation on the pathopysiology of Cherry angiomas. Or tell people how to diagnose them. You should be able to read something and figure out whether it is a DIY job or something that requires a physician. Yes there is gray area out there but it's not ALL gray area. It's irritating for physicians to have to spend their time answering questions a little common sense could easily take care of. As someone pointed out vague buzz words like "detox" should tell you the source isn't any good. You don't need a 20 minute consultation with a board certified specialist to figure that out.