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Sorry to post in here again but I didn't want to start a new thread for this small question, I found a Bronica ETRSi starting at a good price for me and it comes with two lenses (75mm f/2.8 and 105mm f/2.8), however when I emailed the seller he said that the lenses have fungus in them, is it difficult to clean them?

Crap! Didn't even see this post. Do NOT buy anything with fungus in it. Even if you get something that looks good on the web there is a small chance it has fungus in it. Inspect it carefully when it arrives. Bronica ETRS gear costs more to clean and repair than it does to just buy a new copy. I've checked prices at reputable place to get a Rollei SLR lens CLAed. $150 is a price I've heard multiple times. That is NOT going in and opening the lens and cleaning fungus off an element in the middle of the lens. That's going in and knocking some loose dust of some of the elements. And if the fungus etches the glass? You're screwed.