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Why would someone want less control?
Full detents only give me greater control. That is one of the things I always really liked about Nikon lenses. I can put the ring anywhere I want between stops without it falling into a half-stop. I have always used transparency film, and for me a quarter or third stop difference is visible. I have often figured my exposure and then given a bit more or less to get just what I want. I work by feel a lot, and it's easier to quickly click a stop or two by feel to adjust for shade or light without half-stop detents. With full stops, I can start at maximum or minimum aperture on any particular lens and know when I'm at for example 5.6 by feel, and very quickly. Not so easy when there are more detents, closer together. Half stops are pretty easy to figure out without detents, anyway.

Now that said, I use mainly Pentax in 135 format now, and most of my ETR series lenses are PE. So half-stops are something I can live with, just not what I'd rather have. It's also not as big a deal now because most of my work is more deliberate.