A club member who is new to analog has asked me to help him develop his first couple of rolls, which are 120 format Agfa Agfapan APX400 Professional. I believe that Agfa may have been optimistic in the ISO value for this film, and many people seem to shoot it as ISO 200. However he will have exposed at ISO 400.

I use ID-11, normally one-shot at 1+1. The time given on the Ilford datasheet for APX400 at 1+1 is 14:30, or 10 minutes at stock. However the massive development chart gives 11 minutes at 1+1 for ISO 250-400 and either 10 minutes or 12 minutes stock for ISO 400. Processing will be in a Paterson tank at 20C.

At the moment I'm thinking 10 minutes at stock dilution, since this is the only figure that Ilford and the MDC agree on. I would appreciate advice for anyone who's developed APX400 in ID-11 as I don't want to mess up a new analog photographer's first films!