Thanks for the reply and info. The reason why I elected to go with Pyrocat HD over PMK was because Sandy King literally designed it to work with processors and all but eliminate the common problems that were occurring with his use of PMK and a Jobo. Also, being able to use one developer for silver or alt prints is very appealing to me. I did some more research last night and found some info indicating that the dev time for silver vs alt prints should be about the same, the only difference is the dilution 1:1:100 vs 2:2:100 respectively. Short of someone replying with direct experience with the combo I have, I think I am going to go with an EI of 200 and dev time of 13 to 14 minutes. The dev time of Pyro HD is said to be about the same as PMK, according to info I found in the LF forum. I plan to test the neg with a vandyke that has a CI of .9 vs a .5 for gelatin silver prints. That should be a good test to see if the EI and dev time is on the right track. After this process is dialed in, I plan to try a darkroom print and simply just use the 1:1:100 dilution and see what happens!