Hi Nicole:

I don't shoot much 35mm anymore but when I was doing a lot of it I had 2 motor driven f3 around my neck mounted with the Nikon 80 and the other with a Nikon 35. I was constantly reloading the 80mm setup.

I shoot 4x5 almost exclusively now and the two lenses I use most are the 210 and the 90. These would be fairly close equivalents to the 80mm and 35mm in the 35mm film format.

My eye is attuned to the old 80mm framing. I always found that it gave me a nice compromise between being detached from the subject and being too close - especially important with kids and pets.

By the way, I really love your work. Children sense a pure heart and gentle spirit in adults and offer their trust most openly when they perceive it. It is written in the expression of every one of your pictures. My guess is that your facination with the "spirit of the child" comes first - the camera is simply a way to allow others to look through that window. You have found a spectacular blending of allowing your innate nature to capture something many of us see only occasionally, first hand. Keep it up.