Trying to clear out stuff and have the following for sale.

View Camera Magazines 15 issues. $40.00 shipped in US.

2004- March, May, July, Sept, Nov.
2005 - Jan, March, May, Nov.
2006- Jan, May, July, Nov.
2007- Jan, May.

View Camera cd's Both $40.00 shipped in US
These are the original compilation cd's- not copies.
Technical Series 1- Large Format Lenses
Technical Series 2- View Camera Techniques.

Black and White Magazine from England. 15 Issues $40.00 shipped in US.
Issues 7,15,21,26,27,28,29,30,32,33,39,40,41,47,48. (approx 2002-2005.)

Fred Picker Zone VI 2 VHS $15.00 shipped in US for both.
Photographing Volume 1 and Printing Volume 3.