Jim, thank you for the information. Tri-X has been my standard for LF and classic wet prints for 30 years, but producing analog negs for alt prints, as you well know, is a different ball game. I am happy to hear that FP4+ is a good fit because it is half the price of 8x10 Tri-X which doesn't hurt my feelings. I have some on order.

Why the suggestion of 3+2+100? This deviates from Sandy's advice as a starting place, so I am curious how you arrived at this dilution when using a Jobo. I assume the 3+2 ratio helps offset the rotation issues with the Jobo?

Any tips on how to handle high contrast scenes with Pyro HD ?

At some point I will probably dev some 120 roll film in the jobo as well after I get the LF sheet film squared away. Any insights about processing that makes sense to share?