MartinP, making art (pretty much what I've done so far) and being commercial photographer are two different beasts, and I was asking about the latter mainly, even though I'm curious in general about how you all make your living, or how a bigger market operates.
I did fair amount of tinkering with pinholes (I think if you dig deep enough, you'll find some magic I've posted here on APUG).
I haven't scanned a sinlge bw negative for printing purposes yet, unlike some color negatives. As for hybrid vs. analog workflow, I think it's all said and done already. And I'd rather think hard, later work hard, so that what comes out, is distinct regardless of techniques and materials utilized. Acid-free photo paper may only help, when the photo is good

Pentacon Six, well, I've sold it recently to get a semi-decent tripod that I could actually carry on my back, and there was some money left for Moskva 5, which is my only MF camera now. Pentacon was deteriorating really quickly, mostly shutter curtains. In my hands it was hopeless brick anyways, even with the brilliant lens in front of it, there was still the clumsy guy behind. I'm not missing it. There are some modern options left on a budget, like Yashica or Mamyia TLRs. (Or a shoebox or a suitcase. I could even do some non-camera work, why not. With cyanotype, it would be a viable non-darkroom option as well )