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Hand-made books are something I have been considering -- especially with the small platinum prints.
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I'n... could be a lovely thing, a piece of art in itself.
hi vaughn and shawn

there are a few books out there on how to make books, it really is a fun practice.
closed spine books ... and open spine books can get kind of tricky
open spine bindings are fun and much easier at first .. but the stitching tends to be elaborate depending on how much fun you want to have.
(take a google at coptic or chain stitch )
take a look at keith smith's book making books ( ), they really are like the bibles of making hand made + artist books.

unfortunately nipping presses, and the rest of the tools of the trade can be kind of expensive ( places like (gaylord brothers library supply )
and (talas bookbinding supply ) ) have them new ... but books like books boxes and portfolios ( )
will give you ideas how you can use bricks and other things instead of the traditional expensive cast iron equipment.

have fun cause like anything ... once you make one or two, it will be hard to stop ( i've made around 25 i think, i lost count )

- john