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As far as I know Sunny film is Ferrania master rolls spooled and finished in China by this company: http://www.chinacsky.com/product/886...r_film_100.htm
My Heart might be Fuji stock. After development, look at the edge markings on the negative. That should give an indication of its origin.
I think you are right about the Sunny film. Since my previous post, I've dug about a bit more and read that Ferrania had licensed their film technology to the people who own the "Sunny" brand. So in theory, when the Ferrania master rolls run out, Sunny could continue making films to the Ferrania specification. That assumes they have a coating facility or access to one, or maybe they are already doing this - I have no idea. The films are currently still available on ebay, so it will be interesting to see if they continue to be.

As to the strangely named "My Heart" film, again I came across a reference to this being made in China but no information as to the actual manufacturer.