Oh, I know how promotion looks, or at least "sort of looks", that is how people try. I work in medical publishing, we use cheap stock photos there, but still I know how to start it all - my bet is proper portfolio as a first logical step.

I was wondering about the limits for what can be done with film, or rather for what "the industry" thinks (agencies you've mentioned), that shouldn't be done and I've got at least some feelings.

I'm trying hard to make good photos. I have two landscape parks minutes away (that's by foot), as well as some lovely plains, hills and maybe forests not that much further. I have no problems backpacking all over the country, even with MF camera it's still possible, even on a tight budget.

On the other hand, there's no real care when working with color negative here, I'm getting it developed - it gets scratched, and prints are coming in poor quality, with random colors. So I'm thinking about developing it myself and scanning it afterwards.
What's also bizarre is the fact I'm working alone in 100k city. Culture, or the lack of it, is a sociological issue here. Almost all the people in my age (+/- some years) either left this place or work hard without much time for their hobbies. I guess the Internet will help me here, facebook, twitter, this sort of things.