Dear photographers,

for this round I have something very special. Some months ago I got two packages of very old photographic postcard paper. Some dozen sheets of Agfa Lupex LW 1 I (soft white glossy) and around 1 dozen sheets of Dekobrom DBrN-111 from Fotochemische Werke Berlin. The Lupex is from the 1940th and the Dekobrom from the 1950th.
The first Lupex test strip came out nearly black, only hints of different dark grey values. I need all my darkromm tricks to get images from it:
- High concentrated developer
- High concentration of Benzotriazole
- Tons of light
- Very short developing time
This way I got at least images form it. The paper is yery yellowish, toned by itself.
The Dekobrom paper was easier to process. Some of the sheets have dark edges; apart from that the images are quite normal. May be somebody opened the package in full light.
These old postcard have their own charm, which not blends well with adhesive labels. So I write the text here and wrote the address and some words on them with fountain pen. So they look quite authentic.
They are three motives:
- Carline Thistle (Carlina vulgaris, Golddistel in German), printed on Lupex
- Winter landscape, printed on lupex
- Cheetah, photo taken in our zoo, printed on Dekobrom.
I send the cards out in the next days, I only wait for address changes.

I hope you enjoy them.