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No indication it was "special order".
Suggest "standard production".
pages 10 &11.
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Must have been a special order for that model Graflex as Cooke only list 5 1/4" and 6 3/8" f2.5 lenses during that perion. That's not unusual though as TT&H made lenses specifically for some Thornton Pickard reflex caneras and Kodak had been using Cooke lenses on some cameras for over 20 years.
I think you misunderstand my use of the term special order, TT&H Cooke didn't offer that focal length as a standard catalogue item so it would have been a special order of lenses made specifically for Graflex.

That Graflex RB C camera itself is quite heavy at 7╝lbs, it's 4lbs heavier than my Dallmeyer Press (a rebadged Ensign) which is a similar era quarter plate SLR.