I again find myself in the middle of building another pinhole camera. This time the "box," which is already constructed, is a piece of raku fired ceramics. The back/film holder piece will be constructed from wood. Where the wooden part connects to the ceramic part I need to use some sort of adhesive for the attachment and also some sort of light tight sealent around the borders of the ceramic part and the wooden part (this would be on the inside of the "box.") In my first camera I used PVA and india ink, however that one was all wood and was easily accessible from the rear. This one will probably require using my fingers as a spatula. Film size will be 5X7 or maybe 4X5. I built it thinking 4X5, however it will accommodate 5X7. So two questions? What adhesive will attach the two pieces forever. What caulking/light stopping substance should I use to seal the inside of the camera. I have crossed the Rubecon on this project so re-engineering will likely not be an option. Oh, and this camera promises to be every bit as intersting as the last one. Thanks in advance for any advice. Bill Barber