marciofs - this approach more or less demands to use whole workshop - a decent scanner, a photo lab (or some time to warm up all the soups). Even when not in a hurry, it's not looking good. But yes, god marketing, PR, advertizement and it's all up and running.

Gerald, that's a great point actually, and there are plenty of places where there's no infrastructure, yet one still has to travel light and fast and somehow make photos, that are good enough. Some use brute force (organizing expeditions with two helicopters), others move more stealthy. I'm feeling really good not carrying a bag full of gear, and I'm often in a situation, when digital equipment can break - from severe cold, heavy rain or humid air. I've seen some situations, where digital, weatherproof cameras were shutting down one after another due to internal moisture and condensation (they have internal condensation sensors). I've also seen some running while being frozen solid, so it's not a proof of any kind. I was thinking in this direction, and I've ended up with a simple Zorki rangefinder as my "pocket sketchbook" camera (as leica-like, as I could get) and a decent manual DSLR and SLR for predictable conditions and shorter distances. DSLR runs on AA batteries, it helps a lot (SLR doesn't, I'm looking for a fully mechanical one).