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Didn't Rick Smolan started it? Anyway, it was all shot on film back then and I'm sure the there's a huge difference in the work in comparison to digital work. Photographers then were limited to only 36 shots before reloading, the film had to be processed and the photo editors had to shift through piles of chromes to find that photographic gem. It's a different game now.
Now it is simply sensory overload. Today, everyone with $500 and an internet connection is a "professional" photographer. Life is constantly recorded and paraded around the net, non stop. What makes any of it special? Well, pretty much nothing. In all fairness, there was much of that in the past as well, on film, but it got thrown in boxes and stored in the attic. Once in a while you get a Vivian Maier...and 99.9999% of the time, you don't. Fortunately, for those who understand photography, there is a lot more than just triggering a shutter to record life, to be able to craft a successful image that engages the viewer and has value.