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What's the criticism, exactly? The idea is tired or the execution sucks?

I don't know. While it may not be great photography, isn't everything tired? And hasn't it always been? How about flowers are tired? How about lith is tired? How about all that wet plate crap is tired? How about all the boring HCB rip off snapshot images are tired? Exhausted, actually. Waterfalls, portraiture, trees, red filter skies, cliffs, silos, bridges, star trails, Vivian Maier and on and on and on. There's nothing wrong about slice-of-life pictures. This is just another anti-digital thread.
I didn't express myself very clearly. I really should have said I 'think' that this is terrible photography...

Most things have been tried, but if you don't apply yourself and try to make something a little bit more thought through, then what's the point? It isn't the fact that somebody took pictures for 24 hours in an amazing city that irks me. It's the fact that they came up with something fairly mediocre, so what did they really accomplish? Sleep deprivation? Added an impressive number of exposures to the exposure counter?
If you can help me understand it, I will be very grateful. Because I don't see the point, (and that may well make me the schmuck I realize).