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What's the criticism, exactly? The idea is tired or the execution sucks?

I don't know. While it may not be great photography, isn't everything tired? And hasn't it always been? How about flowers are tired? How about lith is tired? How about all that wet plate crap is tired? How about all the boring HCB rip off snapshot images are tired? Exhausted, actually. Waterfalls, portraiture, trees, red filter skies, cliffs, silos, bridges, star trails, Vivian Maier and on and on and on. There's nothing wrong about slice-of-life pictures. This is just another anti-digital thread.
Yes, Michael, indeed..and maybe it always was. Again, the difference now is that everyone is constantly bombarded with it. In the past, you had to buy a book, or better yet, prints, to appreciate someone's work...or not. Now it's all out there and for free. What's special? Well, I guess it's up to someone to find something special, as in the end this is all very subjective. For me, it's not digital vs film, because again, there was always crap even on film. The internet simply made it all a lot easier to find it and view it, so our views may be a little skewed.