Avedon made his In the American West Series with an 8x10. His prints were then on fibre paper. I think he hit the nail on the head with that series.
I think he is one of the Great American Photographers.

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No. Because having to slow down and put a view camera on a tripod forces you into a totally different mode of visualization. When I want fast response, I simply reach for my Nikon. My brother did use a 4x5 Technika handheld quite a bit, but for different commercial objectives than on a tripod, back when this kind of practice was commonplace. Most of the big museum & airport installations etc I see wildly blown up make me
nauseated. It was Avedon that started that trend way back when (he had the predictably pretentious mind of an advertising photographer). And now that we're in the Pop art redux mode (courtesy of Fauxtoshop & inkjet), it's become a plague. Something else besides size has to
make it happen - the color or form or message has to warrant it. That is rarely the case. Big just to be big is pointless. I guess if someone
just wants a big loud photograph above the sofa cause they can't afford a painting ....