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You can buy a FED 1 camera and attach a Leitz 39 lens on it. Finding a reliable old lens and camera body is difficult at ebay. My advise is to you to become a subscriber and send a want to buy ad to APUG. I saw few times a 3c and an elmar goes for 250 dollars here.

My new question is , whats wrong with Mercedes ?

Nothing. They get expensive to work on, though.
I had a '63 220Sb, drove it for a bit and sold it. The fellow who bought it hired me to rebuild the engine, then a few years later he scraped one side against a guardrail. So he bought another one with a tired engine, put the fresh engine in that, and still uses it after almost 20 years. Great cars. But if you want maximum cost/benefit ratio for what is really an appliance, the Japanese cars are the best.