I think the IPhone will soon be the past.

With devices like a Google glass you can have a motion picture record videos in "subjective" POV and instantly send it to some server.
You can give the glasses vocal instructions and you can record anything while having your hands engaged in something else.

For instance you can systematically record all your driving. If and when a road accident happens you can easily have a video with the dynamics of the accident. Else you delete the record.

You could actually do this all the time while walking. In a not distant future you can have your glasses record all your "life" and automatically discard all videos after let's say three days unless you want to keep something relevant.

If the landing in Normandy (or wherever) had to happen in 2014 or so, literally thousands of subjective videos would be recorded, live with the enemy shooting at you. Thousands of Robert "Capas" taking pictures at the same time. Actually Google glasses would continue sending videos to the servers while the soldier has already died.

I don't know how this foreseeable progress can be stopped, or if it is really so frightening to live on a planet where all your social interactions might be recorded on a video, all the quarrelling at condominium reunions, all the queries at school.

Remember a camera now can be absolutely microscopic. Google glasses have a distinctive "screen" for feed-back from the device, but if you can do without feed-back, hiding a camera in glasses will be just very very easy. Or you can have it permanently installed in your car, bicycle, motorbike, or on your dog.

I don't think that "fine art" photography will ever die but I do think that "reportage" photography will basically cease to exist in a few years.