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Let me know what kind of printing you will be doing with the FP4+ negatives in Pyrocat-HD and I will provide a recommended development time and dilution.

By kind of printing I mean process (silver, Pt/Pd, salted paper, kallitype,etc.). And if silver gelatin let me know whether you are using VC, graded papers, or AZO, and of course what kind of enlarger set-up you have.
Sandy King
I'm thinking I will definitely give this stuff a try as I'm finding I want to go pull out the 4x5 and shoot all of the time (now if I only had the time...). Sandy, are you still willing help out in this way? I'm shooting Arista 125 which is supposedly FP4 for silver prints on VC paper using an Omega Super Dichroic 2 color head and will probably split filter print using the color filters in the enlarger. I also greatly like the temperature they had on Ed's site as my house is kept at around 75 degrees F most of the time. On suggestions that I've had independent of this post and from Aggie's posting robot (I she has to sleep some time! ) I will probably order from art supply chemicals unless there are better (also read as cheaper) suggestions. Also, do you have any suggestions for good quality kitchen scales... will Wal-Mart/Target type stores carry this product? Thanks for all of the help, guys, I've always wondered about the mysteries of this pyro everyone speaks so highly of.

side note for the dixactol post: it's now available at photographer's formulary