West Coast sunshine???, Bob... I'm sitting here truly on the West Coast with my office heaters on full blast. It's even cooler and more windy at
home, where it's in the 50's on a typical summer afternoon. Microclimates. Just fifteen miles away over the ridge it might be fifty degrees hotter.
I have a seminar with a varnish mfg from Michigan in a couple of days where I have to explain this microclimate scenario. They just think Canada versus Florida... But Avedon, Mr soot and chalk nontonality in person... wish someone would have put a brahma rodeo bull between that
stupid white backdrop he used and his 8x10 (which should have had a red bellows). Same with Mr Avedon ... he was just looking for
specimens, and had no concept of all the myriad "microclimates" of culture he passed thru. Only a New Yorker would think that everything
past a New Jersey recycling dump is the "West".