Thanks to Bethe. I took over a batch of 8x10s she printed from an earlier gathering to Jim Fry, owner of the OH Farm Museum. He was very pleased and asked me to thank her.

He has generously given us a wonderful photo opportunity. He would be grateful if anyone else could contribute some of their spare prints of the village. Peter and I gave many last year.

He also had been asking for photos of late 1800s photo studios. He wants to add a vintage photo or portrait studio to his village. I gave him a two page exterior spread of an 1890 portrait studio and home belonging to Kinsey. The photographer was best known to me for his work documenting the Pacific RR logging industry and especially the giant Shay engined logging trains with an 11x14 camera.

Jim said Kinsey used the same design as vintage green houses, glass panes in a vertical pattern with no cross wood pieces to rot, just overlapped glass. He knew this because Jim had just finished his new old green house. Please email, post or snail mail any prints of early studios and I will give them to him.

Thanks again Bethe.