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The lettering on the nameplate makes everything better or worse. You dont want to be in a japanese car in accident but a Mercedes. Thats why someone pay 20 times more Money to Mercedes because they treat their job seriously.
And Toyota is not serious about building cars? While you can pay a few hundred dollars and get a fine Leica lens, and a shitty Fed camera body (Lada, anyone?), you can get a stellar Pentax lens for much less than that.

I also claim that Toyota make cars of equal quality to Mercedes. You just don't get as much luxury, and they cost less to drive and repair.
To get a Merc at the same price as a Toyota you have to buy an old one, and while that may be an OK deal for those who can afford the repair work, a new Toyota is going to be bullet proof.

You are right, Mustafa, the Leica lens is the Mercedes. Maybe 99% of the population doesn't need those extra line pairs of resolution in order to make fine photographs.
My Spotmatic is just as enjoyable as the Leica M2. And it's MUCH less expensive to have serviced.