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Sad. A single word has kept you from the beauty of music and spark of innovative thinking. What a dark and scary place you appear to live in.

BTW I am not a tattoo person either. And I was a 1%'er earlier in life. Still am in many respects.
I don't know what a 1 percenter is. I've heard the term in connection with the wall street protesters I think. I'll go back and look at the link sometime. I simply saw the text preface, the word tattoo, and clicked on something else on this computer. My mind wanders, and inevitably drifts to something technical I can learn. It's entirely likely I saw the word tattoo and thought of a 6SN7 vacuum tube, leading me to wonder about old radar systems, and googled up that instead. The computer does not exactly inspire focused thought. No offense intended towards the OP, or others. Thx.