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Once in a lifetime buy a Leitz lens? Please expand on why you think that is important. What does it add to a photographer's life that they can't be without?
Well - I will try to explain why, and what influenced me on buying Leitz lens. I was using nikon F3 and some cheap but good rangefinders, and always reading a lot of emotional reactions from those Leica users. I knew it that it will not make me better photographer, but I wanted to feel and test those camera/lenses by myself. This amount of emotions must count for something, I was thinking.

The amount of history connected to Leica also pushed me a little. To be part of this history will maybe give you additional push in your photography: maybe yes, maybe no, but you will not know until you try it.
Leica has such huge repertoire of lenses - and many lenses are so unique that those results can not be achieved with other lenses.

Final decision for buying Leica was simple facts that you can sell it for same money if you don't like it.