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I really want that much more than you want. I lost my job and sold 6 Leicas and remain in to plastic one. As everyone buys their lens after search in galleries and flickr , I invite you to look in to the past experience.

I am not brand holigan , I bought all my Leicas after long journal , annal search in past 70 years.

Dont be offended , I dont intend to break no ones moral , but find a Da Vinci catalog BW or Rembrandt catalog BW , train your eye and look at your M2 results. There are lots of painting tricks at Renaissance , you will start to see what I mean. These guys developed their lenses with intention of owning classical art.

How can I make you believe Da Vinci is better than the fake one ? I am not trained as art teacher and I dont know to manage a pedagogy.
Its up to you , I spend countless hours when viewing single Da Vinci painting.

But image processing experiments opens lots of Gates to understanding the terms.

As steel makes a better engine than aluminum , a Leica makes you a better artist. It holds the image to upper class.

I suspect its about nonlinear distribution of high frequency noise.

Every lens does it in some way but Leica puts the noise where the detail is needed , a muscle ,bone , vain , shadow etc.

And the histogram is matchless , it gives the most punch.

Colors are elegant and classy like difference between chinese oil paint and Dutch Rembradt paint.

Color degrades are most elegant , its smooth and reveals the sculpture in 2D.

I can try to explain more if nothing is clear.
OMG I have to get more Leica lenses!