Patrick - the Kertesz comment is rather famous. It was related to him being offered a one-man show at at major NYC museum, which he refused
because they had shown Avedon first, whom he termed an "advertising photographer" and called a "zero". You might want to check some
Kertesz bio. He had absolute contempt for Avedon's photog. I just find his work calculated, predictable, and obnoxiously prevelant, even though at this point in history it should be moth-eaten. I feel the same way about Warhol, and about the basic current mass invasion of instant
"gotcha" advertising-style photography. For all I know Avedon could have been a real nice guy. But his marketing personna certainly made
him look like a jerk - wearing out their sitters until they were exhausted and then tripping the shutter in an off moment and calling this
"revealing their inner soul" - and then getting another batch of sitters to fall for the same trick! He must have been a great salesman!
But damn ugly prints indeed.