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That's true but they were usually only brought out of the closet for a special event, a birthday, family get together or vacation.

When they made an appearance it was "special".

Cameras were like cake.
True enough- there was a difference from today when everybody has a camera on them at all times in the form of their phone, and perhaps more than one if they also have a tablet device and/or an actual camera. The act of taking a photograph has become so utterly mundane that it has become annoying to have ones picture taken, in part because the subject has no control whatever over the act. In the film days, if you were sufficiently put out by the act of having your photo taken, you could always storm over and remove the film from the photographer's camera. Today, in the time you argue with the offender to surrender the device and delete the image, they can have it uploaded to a remote server and you'll never get it back.