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Fatso & kindred spirits: Grain is one thing, beautiful grain another. I gave up on that line of thinking when Agfachrome 1000 was discontinued.
Talk about lovely grain! It was avail in 120 film too. But at a certain level of magnification, grain becomes mush, and then you have to back
way off to view things coherently. Now people just hit the pseudo-grain simulation button, fingerprint & lint app, sratchmark app, catbarf app,
You can get beautiful grain from many modern day black and white roll films. 'Modern' technologies such as drum scanning and archival inkjet processes like piezography are capable of producing exquisite prints - just ask Bill Brandt's nephew. While your own personal experience with Photoshop may be limited to pushing buttons removing lint and catbarf many talented photographers have mastered modern techniques to produce beautiful works of art.